A Vitamin D Test Is More Important Than A Cholesterol Test?? Dr Furhman Explains Why Even People Who Get A Lot Of Sun Should Supplement With Vitamin D - PEERtrainer

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March 04, 2010


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Having adequate vitamin D really is one of the single most important things we can do to help maximize our health and function. The current recommendation of 400 to 500 mg is so low. Many experts feel that a daily intake of 5000 is really optimum for promoting good immune function and preventing certain cancers. Check out this link to a Mercola video on how vitamin D is more effective and without the side effects of the flu shot.


*People are always telling you what to do, but what's right for them may not be right for you.

Hello people. My name is Matthew, I am a dietitian for 5 years, I love reading and for this reason I dedicate my life to medicine, I love everything that has to do with good health, I loved the article, really enjoyed muchĂ­smo, congratulations. There is no doubt that you invest your time well by sharing this information with everyone. Thank you very much for letting me share my comment.

thanks,,,vitamin D is very important to the bone density,one source of this is sunlight exposure together with vitamin D maintenance to activate the kidney for the absorption..cholesterol can be lessen through exercise..

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