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March 04, 2010


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In the green drink, I think you would be getting the extra calories from the 5oz. of nuts and seeds. They are very high in protein but also in calories. If you are not a conditioned athlete that burns thru the calories with exercise but rather you are a part time couch potato, then maybe cut the 5 oz. to only 2 oz. per drink. The drink itself without any nuts or seeds would be less then 200 calories I would guess.

I've been on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet for a long time. It does reduce appetite, and it does stimulate ketosis, and both of these facts are the reasons why it helps reduce body fat. Dr. Batterham is wrong on some points, however. Ketosis doesn't make everyone "feel terrible"; some people, including myself, feel fine in ketosis, and feel much better when our intake of simple carbohydrates is low. She is also perpetuating a complete lie: the Atkins diet does not "ditch carbohydrates" completely; the diet encourages consumption of vegetables and low GI fruit. There has been research done before on high-protein low-carb diets, and there is no evidence to back the scare-mongering that they cause damage to organs. My organs are fine; I have a complete physical every year to make sure. In fact, with my restriction on grain-based food and my high consumption of all that scary saturated fat, my cholesterol has gone down 30 points. (HDL up, LDL and triglycerides down, in spite of the "proven fact" that saturated fat will increase cholesterol). Dr. Batterham's conclusions don't surprise me; they reinforce what I already have proven to myself. She could check into some of the research on high-protein diets that has already been done.

*People are always telling you what to do, but what's right for them may not be right for you.

I used to practice bodybuilding and was using about 3g proteins for each KG....lot of proteins = heavy & intense workouts

I am a natural competitive bodybuilder and i use the ratio of 1.5g protein for evry pound of bodyweight per day.

Did I read that right? 1000 calorie green drink? I am trying to eat 1600 calories a day lol. I would like to know his actual recipe. It would be more helpful to have specifics instead of "a green drink with nuts and seeds" equaling 1k calories.

I really differ with a lot of people in this article, given that I noticed this blog article I couldn't stop before I finished, even though it was not merely what I'm hunting for, was nevertheless a great look over however. I will quickly consider your blog feed to keep in touch of future updates.

fish is one of the high protein food

Great Piece!

Thanks for sharing the information!

If I to ask, I would say as long as your comfortable with your condition no matter how hard you do your exercise, it's good. But of course, it is always best if you watch and make a balancing out of it!

Be Careful!

Yes, I agree with Rene that this is great info. I love NBA and if this is what NBA players do, I want to do the same.

Wow! Great info. Well, I am on a diet now and I would like to follow those main point s cause I want to burn as much calories.

Personally when I eat, my plate is 30-40 % protein. I like his idea of green drink blended with nuts and seeds... but I would like to have more info on how to prepare that drink.

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