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October 04, 2010


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I love the melon water and the colour is also quite appealing. Just crush few slices of watermelon drop into a jug of cold ice water. Add in some lime pieces and some watermelon blocks, and reserve in fridge only for a day. An absolute refresher post workout.

This goes along with the spa idea.. slice lemons, limes, or oranges. You leave the rinds on when u cut them. Then just throw them in a pitcher of water. I also am a big fan of the new filtrate water system that filters the water into 4 bottles. No more wasting money buying bottled water!

I agree. If enough were created to support a large footprint, it would outstrip the natural gas supply and it would create higher gas prices. I would probably put the gas supply at risk, and that would have an impact in home heating. now link my name to know me,and each other we all get the good things.don't think that I cheat you,pls.

What do you think of the Crystal Lite and other water flavoring products out there on the market right now?

I have found that I can easily drink about 2x as much water if I have some sort of a straw than if I just have a glass. I feel like using a straw bypasses the whole taste thing and just helps get the water into my system.

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