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December 13, 2010


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Coconut oil maybe the healthiest fat on the planet. It has been shown to increase thyroid function and the medium chain triglycerides are also great for stabilizing blood sugar which with the ever increasing rates of type 2 diabetes is really important. Plus it's a natural anti-fungal and seems to help with cognitive function in the aging population. I encourage anyone that's on the fence to give it an honest shot and incorporate it into their diets.

Video from a lady with a masters in nutrition

coconut oil is great for you...try buying the white young coconuts and drinking the water inside and putting it in your world war two they used coconut water in place of blood for transfusions in emergency situations...the more you read about it the more you will see its benefits...coconut water is big in the raw food movement

Excellent debate. I have read a little bit about coconut oil. I began making and eating coconut butter mostly because people raved about how good it is. I do enjoy it, and occasionally use coconut oil instead of butter, but I was not expecting any sort of result (like better thyroid function) because I was not willing to ingest anywhere near the amount they suggested as being therapeutic. I can't say that it caused me to lose any weight, but I have found it immensely satisfying, really sates my hunger, and suddenly I am no longer freezing all the time. That alone (and the taste) is worth it to me.

sooooo I bought 'low fat Coconut Milk' for the super soup from the peer trainer....should I use that ? .....or go back and get the full fat version.

I love coconut oil and it kicks carb cravings more than anything I've ever encountered... PLUS it helps to control my insulin levels. Between coconut oil and IF I have lost 15 pounds in 6 months. The 6 months prior to that, I was exercising myself to death and counting everything that went in my mouth and I gained and lost the same 3 pounds every week and might have wound up 2-3 pounds to the good at the end. I do have insulin resistance and PCOS however, so I know that is a huge factor. Hope this helps someone! :) Heather

Heather UpChurch

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