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February 14, 2011


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Trying to get good plan for starting my day.I wake up at 7am, drink glass of water, go into kitchen and make 25g protein shake w/water.Then proceed to do 40 minutes on elliptical.I then shower and make turkey bacon and egg whites breakfast along with my blood pressure med,allergy,aspirin ,ResQ 1250 omega pills...then rush out door by 8:25 for 35 minute commute to San Antonio.I take my meals with me which include chicken breast and salad or stir fried veggies with chicken breast or salmon.I have cut cheese out of my diet and do I need to discontinue light chocolate soy milk?Should I include apple a day or else what do you recommend? I am drinking mostly water now and occasional decaf coffee. I am 59 years old,6"1 and weigh 184.I feel better at around 173. I would also like to do a liver cleanse. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. Ron Thompson.

I'm looking forward to starting this program. I probably have about 20 pounds to lose, a small amount compared to many in our society, but I'm getting older and want to work on long term health and wellness...very hard to do in our fast-paced world.

I had my thyroid removed 5 months ago and have been putting on weight since that time. I'm finding it almost impossible to lose the weight without a thyroid, and I'm really hoping your system will be exactly what I need.

I'm really looking forward to a successful weight loss

I just downloaded the Cheat program last night. This morning, beginning my morning routine, I realized that my usual breakfast is full of cheats: oatmeal(made with water), blueberries (ok), 1/2 banana, 1/2 Cup. nonfat milk (I have only used nonfat dairy for 30 years!). If I expect the morning to be stressful/ lunch to be delayed I'll add a few dry roasted walnuts or almonds.
There are some of these I'll just want to keep, but wonder, if I want a hot cereal in the a.m., is there a type that isn't on the cheat list?

My biggest challenge is being over weight and also having High Blood Pressure. I hope the Cheat plan will help me acheive my goals which are to lose weight and get healthy in the process.

I truly love your program. For the first time in decades I am succeeding.

i enter my email and get that i am a member, but no cheat list etc.

The problem i run into is that in my head i am in my early 20's, a person who played sports through highschool and college and who expects more when i exercise to feel like i accomplished something. The reality is i am in my 40's, at least 80 pounds overweight and with a trashed knee get out of breath just walking up hill for 2 minutes. Motivation is the hardest

this video is great and i am waiting for more but sorry i didn't understand that schedule can you help me ?

i like to know more about peertrainer and is it free?

want to lose weight fast;
have already started eating fruits n veggies

Feeling a range of things at the moment, with the largest one being fear of failing again. Fear it will be too hard. I see a glimmer of hope, but am just so low on motivation I need help. I hope this system will do just that.

Hi lost cheat sheet when phone crashed. Now it won't let me re download. Thanks

I received my e mail link to the Cheat System, and it did not owrk. Please advise...if there any other way to get that pdf?

Please put me on your mailing list and send me the copy of your system..thanks!

Thank You for this!!

Is the cheat sheet still available??

People in every country get the business loans from different creditors, because this is simple.

Wud like to know more

I've ask before and not received an answer....I signed up for the "Cheat" but lost it. When I've tried to sign up again...says I'm already subscribed. HOW DO I GET ANOTHER COPY PLEASE????

I need to try this

Cant wait to try this

I am 61 year old female and weigh 175 lbs. I have been following WW for 3 moths and have lost only 8 lbs. I do hot yoga 5x per week and have recently started a walk-run program.
I am interested in your system but am delusioned with weight loss programs.
How likely will it be that I will be successful with Peer Training? I was rather faithful to ww.I would welcome your thoughts.

I have a recipe question with the Cheat System: If I made a soup that had items from the "left side" of the chart and added something from the right that was considered a cheat, do I count only the cheat for the one ingredient, or is the whole thing a cheat?

For example: Vegetable soup with potato. My instinct would be to count only the potato if the rest of the soup came from the left side of the chart. Thanks!

Looking forward to trying this.

I have a question- do you earn any 'cheats' with exercise? If so, how many/time exercised? Or is it by cals burned? If not, what is the reasoning behind that decision? Thanks

i am interested in seeing what this looks like on a daily basis. I guess I am having a hard time figuring out what to eat for br, lunch, dinner, etc. on this system and was wondering if there is a menu or log example(s) to get started with as a jumping off point.

We have a backup link to it on our Facebook page. Just go to, and go to the discussions tab. You'll see it there.

I can't figure out how to get the 26 page pdf file of the cheat system. Every time I put in my name and email, the system says I am already a member.

Initially I liked the plan. But the more I thought about it the less easy it sat with me. I hate the idea of thinking of all these foods as "cheats." There is a big thing on this site about how diets, inherently, don't work. They don't work because they set you on a binge/diet cycle. They make you feel like a failure and then, to punish yourself, you eat more stuff that makes you feel even worse.

I like this way of eating, and I like the Magic Fridge recipes. I just don't think that thinking of all the foods (a second tablespoon of plain nut butter being equal to something like a fake fat free yogurt, full of HFCS) as cheats is very helpful to the psyche. I'm sure some would argue it's just semantics, but I think a different word would work better.

In the meantime, I highly recommend On Eating by Susie Orbach.

We just added a backup link on our Facebook Page- look under "Discussions"

I received the link to the cheat system after signing up, but lost it. Can I get that link re-sent?

Gina, Can't put you on the mailing list. Got to enter your email yourself. More good stuff coming!

Looking forward to receive it.

Please put me on the mailing list.

I've been working with the Cheat Plan for a few days, and so far I like it. It seems like a feasible plan for life, not a diet.

I think one thing to be careful of is not to try to "outsmart" the plan -- ie, yes you could follow then plan and, say, eat as much sweet potato (to name an allowed food) as you want and then not lose weight, for instance. In other words, you could fail while following this plan, if you try. The point is to try to succeed, not to prove that the plan isn't foolproof, etc. Our job is not to outwit the good people at Peertrainer, but to help them help us succeed. Or something. :)

For me, thinking of black coffee as a cheat is a real mind-bender. I'm working on it, but to call a cup of decaf with skim milk TWO cheats is...challenging. :)

I do like the idea that you need a whole cheat to justify chemicals, like artificial sweeteners. But I think that when I go running tomorrow, 8-10 miles, I'm not going to count my diluted vitalyte as "cheats"!

PS: Cacao nibs: sweets, or seasonings?

Thank you! I was getting frustrated at having made changes and yet not loosing weight. Now with the list, it should be a big help. I just made a layered casserole, using only the left hand column, then using 1 can of mushroom soup. Yesterdays soup was lentils, lots of green vegetables, etc.
Again, thank you for your help.

Sounds good to me!

Looking forward to trying this.

I am interested in learning more.

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