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July 03, 2012


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I can't tell you how refreshing it is to read an article like this. I feel like so few people are willing to speak out and stick their neck out against large established organizations. It's statements like this that keep me interested in Dr. Fuhrman and what he has to say. He is honest and unafraid to speak his truth.

Now, for the not so wonderful part . . . I have been following Eat to Live not-so-perfectly, but pretty well, for over two years. If I could be perfect, I'm sure it would be easy for me to maintain a healthy and relatively low body weight. But I'm not perfect at it and it's not getting easier as the years go on. It is a very strict regimen, and it certainly works if you work it, but to imply that it is easy ("once you learn it, the weight comes off permanently and you never have to diet again") seems like a bit of an exaggeration. That said, it's the single best way of eating that I have come across and I will continue stick with it.

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